China Launches High-Speed Train Shanghai-Tianjin

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Chinese railway authorites are to launch high-speed Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains on 15th August. They will appear on a railway linking the eastern financial hub of Shanghai and northern Tianjin City, shortening the trip by an hour.

The EMU trains, coded D341 and D342, are expected to shorten the trip time from the current 10.5 hours to nine hours and 14 minutes, said an official with Tianjin Train Terminal.

He said the Tianjin-Shanghai EMU will be put into use from Aug. 15 and the Shanghai-Tianjin EMU one day later.

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Daily Chinese Proverb: Unselfish

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"To be fair and unselfish"


dà gōng wú sī - da4 gong1 wu2 si1

The story about this quote is;

In Chinese Imperial Court in about 476 About a man named Qi Huangyang, who was commissioned by the king to select the best person for a certain job.

Qi Huangyang selected his enemy for the job. The king was confused by the selection, but Qi Huangyang explained that he was asked to find the best person for the job, not necessarily someone that he liked.

Later, Confucius commented on how unselfish and impartial Qi Huangyang was by saying "Da Gong Wu Si" which if you look it up in a Chinese dictionary, is generally translated as "Unselfish" or "Just and Fair".

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