The Biggest Chinese Character: Biáng

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Tuesday, 15 September 2009 1 comments

'Biang' is one of the largest Chinese characters still in circulation, with 57 strokes. It is used to desribe a popular type of Shaanxi noodles. Biáng biáng noodles, touted as one of the "ten strange wonders of Shaanxi", are described as being as thick as a belt.

The "Noodle King" chain in Beijing (梆梆麵北京連鎖店) serves biáng biáng noodles.

Here is a clearer picture of what must be one of the craziest characters in existence.

Because the Chinese character for "biáng" cannot be entered into computers, phonetic substitutes like 棒棒麵 (bàng bàng miàn) or 梆梆麵 (bāng bāng miàn) are often used

Thanks to this blog for bringing this character to my attention.

Daily Chinese Proverb: Bridges

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This Chinese proverb is used to describe someone who does something and then prevents others doing it too. In other words someone who is quite a selfish person. This is quite different to the English proverb 'Burning Bridges' though which is more to do with purposefully loosing contact with a person.

guò hé chāi qiáo
Cross River, Tear Down Bridge

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