Daily Chinese Proverb: Take Your Time

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Thursday, 13 August 2009 2 comments

This is a quote that is the succinct basis for the story of the tortoise and the hare. It is one of the wisest quotes you will ever read, yet still one of the most ignored. More than ever, people are wrapped up in their urge to get wherever they think they have to be; quicker, faster by whatever means possible. However this rushing blinds the truth that it is better to be relaxed, to take life at our own pace, acomplishing things without stress.

yù sù zé bù dá
If you are in a hurry you will never get there.

More commonly in English this proverb would be More Haste Less Speed. One assumes that this monk had not been told this. Or had left his Zen in his other robes.

*(please forgive the religious quip)

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My First Chinese Written Sentence

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin 4 comments

This is rather embarressing, and I feel like I have ruined a beautiful language. Whilst on the subject of reviewing my progress thus far. This was my first attempt at Chinese characters. Try and make out what it says. It is a fairly basic sentence. I will put the answer in white font, underneath the photo below of my handywork so you can check it.

Higlight the next few lines to see if you were right or if my writing was legible:

zhè gè nánrén zài kāi chē
The man in the car

Much more practise and I will get close to making them look nice.


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