New Mandarin Phrase: In My Opinion

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Sunday, 27 December 2009 7 comments

Yesterday I muttered 'à mon avis' from the small amount of French I know; meaning in my opinion. (I must admit to being quite bad at French, so apologies here.) So I was thinking, about how to say 'In My Opinion' in Mandarin.

MDBG suggests:

zài​ wǒ ​kàn ​lái​

But I know from both the French & English, there are many ways to say this.

selon moi and d'après moi

or in English variations include:

"In my opinion", "In my view", "As I see it", "I believe that", "To my mind" etc.

So on Twitter I posted the Question. So far I have had several responses, it was interesting to see how different they all were.

So here are the suggestions I have had, below with Hanzi and Hanyu Pinyin:

wǒ juéde

wǒ rènwéi

wǒ de guāndiǎn shì

wǒ de kànfǎ shì

duì ​wǒ ​lái ​shuō​
(as far as I'm concerned)

wǒ yǐwéi
I (originally) thought - (but it turns out I was wrong.)

I would love to hear the ways in which you say 'In my opinion' and if there are required situations for each of the above...

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