Chinese Band: Crystal Butterfly (水晶蝶)

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乐队(band): 水晶蝶 Shui Jing Die Crystal Butterfly
国家(country): China

Crystal Butterfly (水晶蝶) are a Shanghai based band that have only released one album (Magical Mystery Tour - 2005). They have a name in 'space rock' in Shanghai emulating sounds they hear in U2 and contempory soulful indie rock. Crystal Butterfly recorded material for a second album, entitled Forest of Illusions, named after one the band's first songs 梦幻森林. However, the band's contract with New Bees ended in December 2005. The record company is trying to sell the material to a third party, and the recordings will probably never come out.

Crystal Butterfly - The Neon Bible (not an 'Arcade Fire' cover)

This first song by Crystal Butterfly (above) sounds quite like a band I really liked in 2004-2006 called Fields (youtube vid link), an Anglo/Icelandic band that also only had one album released. Very similiar and also a very good album 'Everything Last Winter' (amazon link).

Here is a video of Crystal Butterfly performing live in Shanghai. The video isn't so good, but the sound quality is actually really good.

Crystal Butterfly - Party Girl

I would love to hear what you think of Crystal Butterfly below in the comments.

Daily Chinese Proverb: Giant Strides

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This Chinese proverb comes from the Chinese creation myth about Pan Gu creating the world. It is used to describe something advancing with giant strides.

kāi tiān pì dì
to split heaven and earth apart / Giant Steps

This is a Chinese myth about the creation of the world. In ancient times, the sky and the earth were combined just like an egg. The founder of the world, Pan Gu, lived and grew up in the egg. After 18 thousand years, he began to separate the sky and the earth, so the egg white became the sky and the egg yolk became the earth. After another 18 thousand years, the sky and the earth were separated completely. Seeing that his mission was finished, Pan Gu died of exhaustion.

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