Daily Chinese Proverb: Truth

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"Tell the truth"


shí huà shí shuō / shi2 hua4 shi2 sho1

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New Phrase: Quite Big

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Ok so today as promised I said I would place here what I felt I had learnt through my Mandarin studying today.

I came across a phrase in Rosetta Stone that I hadn't before and had to google to understand it.

很大 (hěn dà)
quite big

This would be used to describe the size of something after you had said the item, for example;

zhè gè niǎo dàn hěn dà
This egg is quite big.

鸟 (niǎo) actually means bird (something else I have just found out. :). So I'm not sure if this is right in this context. However it does hope to illustrate the point.

Let us try another one, just so you get the point;

zhè gè píngguǒ hěn dà
This apple is quite big.

But this sentence should actually of course be:

zhè gè píngguǒhé hěn dà
This applecore is quite big.

Hope you ejoyed my discovery of the phrase: Quite Big. 很大 hěn dà.


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