Daily Chinese Proverb: Gamble

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This Chinese proverb is about a gamble. It is to warn against putting all your stake on one bet. The common English proverb with a similiar meaning is 'To put all your eggs in one basket'.

gū ​zhù ​yī ​zhì​
to stake all on one throw

20 Chinese Proverbs Hath October

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Here are the 20 Daily Chinese Proverbs I published and translated into English, Hanyu Pinyin and Mandarin during October. I had a little trouble with keeping the proverbs daily this month due to my laptop breaking. I aim to be more on track this month.

You may also be interested in my daily proverbs for September and August.

October's (almost) Daily Proverbs

October 1st
yǔ rì jù zēng
grow day by day; increase steadily
October 2nd
gè yǒu qiān qiū
Each has something they are good at / Each has its advantages
October 3rd
yī bào shí hán
one day's sun, ten days' frost
October 4th
ài wū jí wū
love the house and its crow
October 5th
luò ​yì ​bù ​jué​
an endless stream
October 6th
bù zì liàng lì
Overconfident / To overestimate capabilities
October 7th
hú ​sī ​luàn ​xiǎng
to let one's imagination run wild
October 8th

Duì niú tán qín
to play the lute to a cow

October 9th

kāi tiān pì dì
to split heaven and earth apart / Giant Steps
October 10th
jǐng dǐ zhī wā
Frog in a well
October 11th
hè lì jī qún
a crane standing among chickens
October 12th
hǎoshì duō mó
the course of true love never runs smooth
October 13th
biàn běn jiā lì
be intensified
October 14th
sì shì ér fēi
Apparently right, Actually wrong
October 15th
jiàn ​yì ​sī ​qiān​
to change at once on seeing something different
October 17th
hún ​shuǐ ​mō ​yú​
to fish in troubled water
October 18th
塞翁失马. 焉知非福.
Sài ​wēng ​shī ​mǎ​. yān​ zhī ​fēi ​fú​.
The old man at the frontier lost his horse. How do you know it is not a blessing?
October 19th
chuí xián sān chǐ
To drool over
October 30th
fáng ​bù​ shèng​ fáng​
you can't guard against it
October 31st
chāi​ dōng ​qiáng ​bǔ ​xī ​qiáng​
pull down the east wall to repair the west wall

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