Daily Chinese Proverb: Imagination

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Wednesday, 7 October 2009
This Chinese proverb is about letting your mind run away with itself. Even becoming preoccupied or obsessed with an idea. The proverb could also be used to describe someone who often daydreams.

hú ​sī ​luàn ​xiǎng
to let one's imagination run wild

Another couple of English Proverbs with similiar meaning are

A bee in your bonnet; and

Flights of fancy

Both those proverbs have the meaning to let thoughts preoccupy yourself and to maybe even become obsessed with those ideas.

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  1. Greg Says:
  2. Charlie, thanks for another in your great series of Chinese Proverbs. Thought you might be interested to know I used this in my recent post about learning to read & write Chinese.

  3. Thanks Greg. I saw it, great intergration of the proverb.

    :) Thanks for the email too. Lots more to think about.


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