Chinese Band: PunkHoo (胖虎乐团)

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乐队(band): 胖虎乐团 PunkHoo
专辑(album): Life & Live
国家(country): Taiwan, Taipei
发行时间(release date): 2006

PunkHoo (literal translation as far as I can tell works out more like : 'Fat Tiger Orchestra') have a pop punk sound heavily influenced I assume by SUM 41. The band from Taipei has been carving a name for itself on the walls of the city's music scene. Singing mainly in Chinese with the odd line shouted out in English. The melodic offerings of "Life & Live" work towards the sound of pop-punkers like new Green Day, Blink 182. Though the album was released in 2006, the song was reccomended to me by a friend. (@GraceLee0806) Below are a couple of videos.

Daily Chinese Proverb: Reputation

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In China reputation is extremely important. This proverb tells us not only is reputation important in humans but for everything to be. Face here is used metaphorically as in not loosing face (social custom). The Chinese, value reputation highly, thus creating this proverb.

You might use this proverb when someone behaves dishonorably (once or repeatedly), it can be said directly to that person giving advice or a warning in order to rectify or avoid something more.

人要脸, 树要皮
rén yào liǎn ,shù yào pí.
A Person needs a face, a tree needs bark.

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