8 Mandarin Phrases You Will Probably Never Need

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Friday, 2 October 2009 8 comments

Whilst learning a new language, we are guided through lessons created by other people for those of us that are learning. Often we learn phrases that we will never say again, but that helps us gain extra vocabulary. I thought I would make things interesting, by helping to teach 8 Mandarin phrases that every Chinese learner will probably never ever need.

Here are 8 Mandarin Phrases
You Will Probably Never Need

1. 这些袜子将作为耳罩.
zhè xiē wàzi jiāng zuòwéi ěr zhào.
These socks will work as ear muffs.

2. 停止用筷子敲打我的脸.
tíngzhǐ yòng kuàizi qiāodǎ wǒ de liǎn .
Stop drumming on my face with chopsticks.

3. 我跳舞的时候你可以照顾我的猫五分钟吗?
wǒ tiàowǔ de shíhou nǐ kěyǐ zhàogu wǒ de māo wǔ fēnzhōng ma?
Please can you look after my cat for five minutes whilst I dance?

4. 对不起,你的身体好像扭成一个结.
duìbuqǐ, nǐ de shēntǐ hǎoxiàng niǔ chéng yī ge jié.
Excuse me, your body seems to be tied like a knot

wèishénme nǐ xiédài yī kē shù ?
Why are you carrying a tree?

6. 有一只水母在我的头上
yǒu yī zhǐ shuǐmǔ zài wǒ de tóu shàng
I have a jellyfish on my head.

(not to be confused with a popular hairstyle - 头顶水母)

néng gàosu wǒnǐde mìmǎ ma?
Can I have your PIN Number please?

and finally here is one for our time travelling friends:

xiànzài shì nǎ yī nián?
What year is this?

I would love to hear some more irrelavant and interesting Mandarin phrases that we will never need. Please feel free to leave some in the comments below.

Thanks to @jacksaidwhat for the inspiration.
& to @GraceLee0806 , @veggieinlove & @puerhan for the translation help.

Daily Chinese Proverb: Each Has Its Advantages

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This Chinese proverb refers to everything having its own purpose and that though you might not be good at everything. Each and every person, and each and every thing has something it is good at.

gè yǒu qiān qiū
Each has something they are good at / Each has its advantages

This chair for instance may not be the most comfortable chair, but it looks like sitting in it will bring some degree of peace to you. In other words, there is good to be seen in everything.

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