Broken Laptop: Not Given Up

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Thursday, 22 October 2009
Just a quick message to those of you who do drop by here fairly often. A massive thank you for all helping me out with my Mandarin and I wanted to let you know that I haven't stopped and I certainly haven't quit writing here or learning Mandarin.

My laptop decided to die a quiet and very untimely death this week (not the explosive death shown here). Which caused me more distress than the material laptop-ness of it. I had lots of posts saved up and lots of translations ready to go up here which have all been lost, (as well as uni work, marketing notes etc.) and at the moment my girlfriends computer seems very alien to me.

I am hoping to be back and have a laptop of my own very soon. Maybe you could pretend I am having a lovely holiday somewhere nice, while I instead bury on through the Heisig book, my dissertation and try and run my company off a shared laptop.

Most of my browsing and twittering has been on my blackberry, which as yet (unless someone has a nice fix for me) does not support Chinese characters. Also whilst looking for a new laptop wondering whether to go for windows 7. The multi-language version (only supported with ultimate edition) costs £229 seems to me like I might get a pirate copy if I want that feature!!
So thank you all for your time, and attention. And I will be back. In the meanwhile, please think up some lovely pretend vacation destinations that I am not in, and have some great daydreams.

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  1. Deborah Says:
  2. Yikes! Better days ahead I hope!

  3. Bill Says:
  4. Why would you want a multi-language version of Windows?

    Even the English version should support Chinese characters and input.

  5. Thanks Deborah. Deep breaths here.

    Bill, that's interesting. Maybe I miunderstood. I thought that to support Chinese input (short of copying and pasting) you needed to get the mutli language version.

    I have heard of hacks for vista, but not ones that sounds stable.. Maybe I have that wrong?!

  6. Greg Says:
  7. Hurry back Charlie, and get posting again soon. Don't get sunburn!


    PS. You could do better than Windows 7 ... buy a Mac :-)

  8. Hehe!! Greg you must have been having a wonderful daydream, and I thank you for the positive energy. :D

    Safe to say, I am more likely to get frostbite than sunburn here.


    I hear you are off to Singapore. Have a good one.

    I don't seem to get along with Mac's (the money to what they do trade-off seems skewed). Despite so many people advocating them all the time, don't feel excited by them. I will probably convert in due course when I am earning a little more though.

  9. Hopefully buying my new laptop tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed.


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