Learning Pinyin & Tones

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Sunday, 25 October 2009
I wanted to do a proper post about learning Hanyu Pinyin and the Chinese tones.

I found this video which is remarkably helpful distinguishing the intials, finals and tones. Though it looks like it was made for children, It hink it is useful for anyone learning the language.

I will write a post when I get my new laptop with tables of the intials, the finals and the tones. With tips on how they are pronounced and equivalents in English. Hopefully this will give a little more deatail to what this video shows with how the syllables can be put together.
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  1. Cindy Says:
  2. This is great!!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. So funny actually...but useful!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Ha ha... Me myself sometimes cannot tell the difference bewteen "n" and "ng"

    If you talk quickly, no one can tell it either! Ha ha

  7. 彭文 Says:
  8. So funny!

  9. Thanks for all of your comments!!

    I really like it - very useful.

  10. SirSteven Says:
  11. My very first few months of studying Chinese were with some old primary school grade 1 and 2 textbooks that a girl gave me. The books were over 15 years old, but still enormously useful...!

  12. @SirSteven - I think books are going to be useful whatever the age. Learning from the start is probably the most natural.

    How much was covered in those books?

  13. I have to admit on watching it again...

    The animation is absolutley ridiculous. But the sound is incredibly useful for me to distinguish the differences in some simliar sounding initials.

  14. Dan Says:
  15. I found that one on youtube, too, and listened to it several times. It helps to start as kids do, I guess. I would like to locate more like it, something I could take with me when I don't have youtube access.

  16. I haven't found any lesson style things that have this as a podcast.

    (In truth not having an mp3 player and not travelling that much not sure I would find it that useful)

    If I find anything though, I will be sure to post it here.

  17. David Says:
  18. Thanks for the video. I am learning chinese and I would really appreciate if you could more details about the video content as written your article.

    Good article !


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