Daily Chinese Proverb: To Drool....

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Monday, 19 October 2009
This Chinese proverb means to crave something, to desire it and this proverb although could be taken to mean to literally salivate. I prefer the meaning to have a strong desire or craving. 'to drool over'.

chuí xián sān chǐ
To drool over

The picture depicts my desire to get to China, and the celebration that will ensue. One of my goals is to spend Chinese New Year in China at least once.

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  1. Zhu Says:
  2. I love 成语,they are often very poetic and funny.

    My favorite is 画龙点睛 ;-)

  3. :)

    Thanks for dropping by Zhu and I love 成语 too. You might be able to tell.

    I hopefully will be back with a new laptop and adding lots more very soon.


  4. Ty Says:
  5. I love your posts. As a Chinese native speaker, I could learn English in the opposite way:)

  6. Hey Thanks Ty.

    Really nice to hear good feedback. When I am a little better at Chinese, I would love to start up a similiar blog about English.



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