Daily Chinese Proverb: Giant Strides

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Friday, 9 October 2009
This Chinese proverb comes from the Chinese creation myth about Pan Gu creating the world. It is used to describe something advancing with giant strides.

kāi tiān pì dì
to split heaven and earth apart / Giant Steps

This is a Chinese myth about the creation of the world. In ancient times, the sky and the earth were combined just like an egg. The founder of the world, Pan Gu, lived and grew up in the egg. After 18 thousand years, he began to separate the sky and the earth, so the egg white became the sky and the egg yolk became the earth. After another 18 thousand years, the sky and the earth were separated completely. Seeing that his mission was finished, Pan Gu died of exhaustion.
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