Chinese Band: Hedgehog

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Monday, 24 August 2009
乐队(band): HedgeHog
专辑(album): Blue Day Dreaming
国家(country): China (Beijing)
发行时间(release date): 2009

Hedgehog a Beijing 3 piece indie rock band. They also have the priviliage of being the first Chinese band that has stood out to me. Hedgehog, a power pop, indie rock outfit returned to Shanghai to launch "Blue Daydreaming," a 12-track gem in March 2009. They have a quirky electro synth vibe, a powerful backing with strong vocals that create catchy choruses. I wholeheartedly reccomend 'blue daydreaming' as a slightly twee catchy ditty to brighten up your afternoon.

Hedgehog's song (Track : Blue Daydreaming )

In their own words:

Percussionist and vocalist Atom(阿童木) is a tiny girl who just barely peeps over the top of her drum kit but who bangs out explosive rhythms like a monster possessed. Bassist Box(博宣), the person responsible for keeping the band in line, punches out the tight bass lines that hold the songs together while seeming lost in oblivion. Guitarist and vocalist ZO(子健) slashes out huge waves of chords that seemed to fit perfectly within the songs yet at the same time tear them apart - while jumping, twirling, staggering and even falling over several times during his performances without letting up for the slightest pause. Hedgehog is a classic power trio with three of the best performers in Beijing on their respective instruments, but it is their song-writing skills that make this band more than just a great performance band and one of the most important in China.

Song Sourced : Via IndieHeartAttack
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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Here's another indie band you'd probably enjoy: Tizzy Bac from Taiwan.




  3. By the way thanks for pointing these guys out. I do like.

    :)Wish this music was more accessible.

    do you know of any electronic / electro acts at all?


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