Daily Chinese Proverb: Happiness

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Wednesday, 12 August 2009
This is a quote that really questions the age of consumerism that we live in. Things cannot make us truly happy, it is ourselves that decides whether we are happy. Some people who have nothing are happier than people that have everything they could ever want will ever be. Most importantly they are content with what they have.

ān pín lè dào
Better to be Happy than Rich

The literal translation is more like :

contentedness whilst living a poor life is happiness (or the way)

Happiness comes from inside and paired with your attitude and the way you set about the day. Think about the next time you 'need' something new to keep you 'happy'. It is also said that if you achieve this four character proverb. Then you have achieved enlightenent (or at least are a long way down the path).

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