Animation: Magic Cube and Ping-Pong

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Tuesday, 8 September 2009
First found by the wonderful guys over at NEOCha. Beijing based Ray Lei (雷磊) animted this lovely and peculiar short. In a wonderful world, where everyone has rubiks cubes as heads, this animated short is fun.

Whilst you won't learn any Chinese through this video, it is a bit of fun, and has a great soundtrack written by by Li Xingyu (李星宇), a mix of 8 bit computer sounds and any of you familiar with Pink Floyd are in for a treat too.

I present to you Magic Cube & Ping Pong:

Magic cube and Ping-Pong from RAY on Vimeo.

Border Project is another animation by Ray Lei which hosts a rather interesting take on urbanisation, I'll let you make up your own minds about it. Whilst quite a different style to Magic cubes above. It is interesting to see the animation that is coming out of the youth of China.

Concept: 欧宁 Ōu​​ Nìng
Animation: 雷磊 Ray Lei
Music: 金星李 Jīn​xīng​ Lǐ​ (Stars Lee)

Border Project from RAY on Vimeo.

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