Daily Chinese Proverb: Big Things...

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Thursday, 3 September 2009
Although this is an English proverb translated into Mandarin, (sorry). I wanted to publish this one as I think it is a great use of proverbs. I like to use this phrase when thinking in terms of my goals, ambitions and dreams. They might be big dreams and ambitions, but it is the small tiny steps that I take now that put them into motion.

I think it is worth remembering, the biggest things start with the smallest steps. Put them into motion now.

jíshǐ zài wěi àn de dà shù, yě shì yóu xiǎo zhǒngzi chéngzhǎng ér lái de.
The mightiest Oaks [trees] grow form small acorns [seeds].

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Ha ha... Those acorns were so seedy!
    They reminded me of S&M?! Ha ha...

    We do have something similar in Chinese.
    It's 合抱之木,生于毫末 (lit. together embrace tree, born from tiny sprout), which means "it takes a lot of men to fully encircle a giant tree that grew from a tiny seed.

  3. thats a treefic pun. ;)
    acorns, seedy.

    *shakes head*

    sometimes I really lose inspiration when searcing for matching pictures.

    Great Chinese proverb, I will sort that one out.


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