Chinese Band: Mayday (五月天)

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Monday, 5 October 2009
乐队(band): 五月天 Wǔ Yuè Tiān Mayday
国家(country): Taiwan

Mayday (五月天) have sold over 1 million records and in 2007 Mayday released Jump! (Leaving the surface of the Earth) and toured the world with their fast paced anthemic rock appealing to both Western and Eastern listeners.

Mayday's songs are mostly sung in Mandarin. Mayday through their hard work have become one of the biggest rock bands in Taiwanese pop culture. They have also received a range of accolades as well as selling records all over the world.

They cite their influences from The Beatles, U2 and Taiwan’s own Wu Bai. They have released 15 albums and dvds in the last ten years proving themselves to be extremely hard working and are known to perform gigs that are upto 5 hours long bringing in the new year.

Lead singer of Mayday 阿信 Ashin also writes most of the material with references to many cultural icons from around th world. Mayday are an energetic band and this song seems to be one of the more popular. It is a fast paced catchy song.

五月天 - 離開地球表面

Mayday - 'Leaving the Surface of the Earth'

This is a more of a ballad than the grungier distorted rock song above.

五月天 - 我又初恋啦

Mayday - I am in love again

This next song reminds me of Maroon 5, funky indie rock with catchy choruses.

五月天 - 香水

Mayday - Perfume

Let me know what you think of Mayday below in the comments. Also please recommend your favourite Mayday songs, they have written a lot of songs and I haven’t heard them all.
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  1. Jenny Says:
  2. Mayday is one of my favorite band!^^ And Ashin is really talented, most lyrics he writes are beatiful~
    I think 戀愛ING is good too~very HIGH!

  3. They are really really catchy.

    Especially 離開地球表面 !!!

    Very cool.

  4. Taggu Says:
  5. Wow, thanks a lot for this, I've been searching forever for some good chinese rock!

  6. Taggu,

    Keep checking back!! I will be adding up another couple of Chinese singing rock bands this week.


  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. 五月天的《疯狂的世界》也很不错哦!

  9. Are you talking about this one:

    It sounds very surf rock, so much more chilled out than some of their other tracks.

    I am amazed at how versatile they are.

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Yes, that's the one!

    Don't you think it's a bit like "That Thing You Do" by the Wonders? Similar style, similar beats... But I kinda like it!

    How are you getting on with your Mandarin, mate?

  12. Yeah, very very 60s. I like it too. :)

    As for the Mandarin. I need to spend more time at it. Some days I just haven't been able to make time.

    I am finding that learning new words/characters is great, but stringing them together into useable and understandable sentences can be difficult.

    Struggling, but making small steps.


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