Taiwanese Pop Group: Nán Quán Māmā (南拳妈妈)

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Monday, 12 October 2009
乐队(band): 南拳妈妈 Nán Quán Māmā Nan Quan Mama
国家(country): Taiwan

Nan Quan Mama are a Taiwanese pop group that are famous throughout Taiwan and China for their brand of C-pop / Mandopop that incorperates rapping and singing by different members. The guys all rap, whilst the choruses seem to be usually 'Lara' the female vocalist singing a catchy melody. Nan Quan Mama are also the official spokespeople for Motorola in Taiwan.

It turns out past this one song I really don't like this group at all. But this song has a really catchy chorus that gets stuck in my head.

南拳妈妈 Nán​ Quán​ Mā​mā​
破晓 pò​xiǎo​ Day Break

This song is a bit more slushy and rap driven. But it was reccomended to me so I thought I would share it here for other people to have a listen.

南拳妈妈 Nán​ Quán​ Mā​mā​
Here We Go

And here is one of the more ballady sickly pop songs Nan Quan Mama have released. My girlfriend says it is very pretty and reminds her of a Disney film. Equally I detest it as being far too twee.

南拳媽媽 Nán​ Quán​ Mā​mā
下雨天 xià​ yǔ​tiān​ Rainy Days

Please let me know what you think of Nan Quan Mama below in the comments.
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  1. Tommy Says:
  2. I guess Southpaw may be getting a bit on the slushy side, if your three selections here are representative of their recent stuff - I'm a bit out of touch. They used to be quite linglei 另类 and really cool. I like the rap stuff, and indeed I like 破晓, which I hadn't heard before. They're proteges of Jay aren't they? Hm, Lara is still gorgeous!

  3. Tommy Says:
  4. There's a karaoke version (good for language learning) of Li Jia Bu Yuan, which is cool I think, on YouTube....

  5. Hey Tommy,

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

    I really like 破晓. I think you are right, they are linked to Jay.

    I will check out the Karaoke version of that song you mentioned.

    Thank you.



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