Chinese Band: Hopscotch (跳房子)

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Tuesday, 1 September 2009
乐队(band): 跳房子 Hopscotch
专辑(album): A Wishful Way
国家(country): China
发行时间(release date): 2002

Hopscotch are now seemingly defunct, however they were quite popular a few years ago. Hopscotch, were a 4 piece Wuhan band, based in Beijing. Their most popular song 'Wishful Way' is influenced by trip hop and indie music. It was the 15th most played song on Chinese radio when it was released and whilst her English isn't quite so smooth, the song is so haunting and I really am drawn to it.

Wishful Way & She are the lead singles off of Hopscotch's 2002 album 'Wishful way'
Singer and lyricist Tian Yuan, appeared in the 2004 Hong Kong film Butterfly, winning an award for best performance.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I also think that Hopscotch is quite a nice band. They were the supporting band of Suede Live in Beijing in 2003.

    For Mandarin music I've been recently listening to the New Age singer Dadawa and another also seemingly defunct band named Tats & Lu (more often known as 達與璐), though I am listening to them mainly because I am a fan of the guitarist Tats Lau, who is a gutarist from Hong Kong.

    For English singing, I like the indie one-girl band The Pancakes from Hong Kong despite of its childlike style and silly lyrics.


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Dadawa?!

    Ha ha... She's Chinese Enya!!

    Learning Chinese through music is wicked, mate. Innit? Ha ha...

    Next band.

  5. I am on a constant lookout.


    Great to keep hearing the Chinese language and accent through different media.

    I have a couple of film reviews to post soon too.


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