Chinese Man Creates Submarine Out of Scraps

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tao Xiangli is a Chinese inventor who has created a working submarine from scrap metal. Despite rarely using rulers or measurements and just using his 'feeling' it seems that after tests it works fine. It took him over two years to build and the submarine is driven by electric motors and propellers. It also has some extra fixings including a periscope and a depth control tank.

The entire submarine cost Xiangli $4,366, or about one year's pay. Its maximum cruising depth is an impressive 10 meters (that is more than two double decker buses). Tao Xiangli has been allowed to test his contraption by local officals, unlike this homemade helicopter I talked about last month.

There is a video hosted by Guardian here, but is disabled to embed, so sorry about that. Still overall what impressive stuff from yet another Chinese DIY'er.

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