2 Crazy Chinese Building Concepts

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Friday, 16 October 2009
China seems to like to be the best at everything, even if it doesnt always turn out the way they had intended. (See South China Shopping Mall for example) Also see 'The Onions' satirical and funny take on a certain recent rather large parade.

Here are two Chinese building projects that are fantastic but a little crazy:

Automobile Museum in Nanjing,

An origami inspired, drive through automobile museum in Nanjing the capital of Jiangsu province in the east.

"You visit the first external ramp of the museum with your own private car, like a SAFARI, you park your car on the roof and visit by foot the internal ramp going down," said Francesco Gatti of 3Gatti, the architecture studio which won the commission.

The cars actually will sit at gravity defying angles. Weird...

The second of these designs is less crazy... But does make you wonder what is next to be copied...

Shanghai Pentagonal Mart (SPM) Nanhui, Shanghai.

The Chinese are Replicating Washington DC's Pentagon, a new shopping mall in Nanhui, Shanghai.

It wil be 40 minutes by car from Shanghai's center. This building is not only impressive externally, but it is actually a very smart design. The logistics mean that people can circulate freely inside. The US Pentagon is said to have been designed so that employees can reach any office inside in under seven minutes on foot.

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