Chinese Band: Sodagreen (蘇打綠)

Posted by Charlie @ Discovering Mandarin Saturday, 29 August 2009
乐队(band): 蘇打綠 (Sūdá lǜ) Sodagreen
专辑(album): 春。日光 (chūn. rìguāng) Daylight of Spring
国家(country): Taiwan
发行时间(release date): March 2008

Sodagreen are a six piece band formed around founders Qing-Weng Fu and Shin-Yi Shien when they were both students at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. They have been playing together since 2001, but first broke into the public eye in 2004 winning the Grand Jury Award of Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival. Shortly afterwards sodagreen were offered an official contract with Willin Music. Sodagreen is renowned for its vocalist, Qing-Feng's unique voice with a wide voice range.

Qing-Weng Fu's philosophical lyrics have been highly praised not just as lyrics, but as true poetry. While most of the band’s songs have a folk-rock feel, they also incorporate classical components and include a wide range of expression. The band’s sound is also notable for its use of the viola. Sodagreeen sound quite similiar to Sigur Ros, with folky elements and often floating vocals which create a sonic landscape that is both relaxing and tense simultaneously. 'Daylight of Spring' is Sodagreen's 5th album.

I really like these guys and can't thank you enough for reccomending them to me. Below are a couple of videos from their new album, and a link to download their album. If, unlike me, you don't want to download it, and would like to buy it. If you can find somewhere please inform me and I will edit the post with that link. :D

They have more songs up at myspace which is a great place to check them out.

This is their very crazy but very cool website, I cant quite work it out but do love their take on the tube network amp. Maybe you guys can shed some light on their webpage layout?

融雪之前 (róng​xuě​ zhī​qián​) Before Snowmelt

日光 (rì​guāng)​ Daylight

蘇打綠 (Sūdá lǜ) Sodagreen
春。日光 (chūn. rìguāng) Daylight of Spring

01. 融雪之前 (Before The Snow Melt)
02. 牧神搭上春色的火車 (Faun Take To Spring Train)
03. 日光 (Daylight)
04. 在我們之間 (Between Us)
05. 配樂(曲:蘇打綠) [Instrumental (Music : Sodagreen)]
06. 各站停靠 (Docking Station)
07. 一千座噴泉 (1000 Fountains)
08. 交響夢 (Symphonic Dreams)
09. 異次元的玫瑰 (Rose Of Inner Senses)
10. 配樂(曲:蘇打綠) [Instrumental (Music : Sodagreen)]
11. 嬉戲之後 (After The Play)
12. 早點回家 (Go Home Early)

download daylight of spring
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  1. Magnus Says:
  2. great stuff. Love hearing new Chinese music... or at least new to me.

  3. Hi Magnus,

    Sodagreen are great. I have a couple more posts about Chinese music lined up.

    If you know of any more music artists please feel free to reccomend them and email me any links.



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